Retail: The Quantum Shift

Bringing products to life with a radical new approach to retail.

Brands are frustrated. Outdated retail models provide little control over how their products are presented. They can’t effectively engage directly with new consumers, or really demonstrate how they will make their lives better.

But things are about to change. Retail: The Quantum Shift explores the problems facing brands in retail, and how new approaches are changing the dynamic.

  • The value of personal interactions
  • Competing for attention and interest
  • Providing genuine help and engagement
  • A radical new model for a new era of experiential retail

How can brands inspire loyalty and advocacy in a new retail environment?

Making an impact and building brand love is about much more than adding a few bells and whistles to a tired old retail formula.

This report gets to the heart of what motivates consumers and why brands need to take advantage of a new, more experiential approach.

  • Analysis of changing buyer behaviour
  • Overcoming the cost of reaching new customers
  • Opportunities for meaningful engagement and experiences
  • A new approach to delivering the ‘wow’ factor

“Things are about to change.
You could call it a renaissance.
An awakening.
A quantum shift that will redefine retail.”

— Warren Richmond - CEO, Situ Live

Retail is broken, but it’s not dead yet.

All too often, innovative consumer technology products languish on shelves, lost in a busy environment and rarely brought to life in any meaningful way.

The result?

Consumers have no idea how the products they buy could make their lives better. They have no affinity for the brands they do buy, and little awareness of the ones they don’t.

Now, there’s another way.

We know people respond to stories delivered with passion. And we know they want to be excited by new experiences.

Now is the time for innovative brands to embrace this reality and leverage a new world of experiential retail.